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Security Systems in General

Security systems are electronic security technologies that have wired or wireless types and function in extraordinary situations (fire, theft, medical emergency, home/workplace attack). These systems can request help through their alarms. For this reason, they are also called alarm systems. Many of the product variants make loud noises and report that there is a problem. Besides that, there are models that record images/sounds and call the authorities (police, ambulance, fire department, etc.). These systems are actively used in many workplaces today, and security systems designed specifically for private properties are becoming widespread. These systems enable people to react in emergency situations and notify authorities to reach the place where the emergency occurs. In some cases, they even keep records of evidence. Alarm systems generally do not consist of a single unit. Although it varies according to the brand and model, they usually consist of 4 parts;

  • Sensor: These are the parts that detect the danger and send a signal to the circuit through the sensors on them. They emit radio waves or light along with the signal they send. Sensors can detect glass breakage, gas and smoke, water leakage, and movement according to their types.

  • Main Unit: The main unit is where the entire alarm system converges. The data of the other units are processed here and the numbers and activity status of the units are displayed. Main units have many inputs and ports for other units can be found here. There is also a battery in these units, and the batteries keep the alarms active in case of power failure.

  • Notification Appliance: By means of the signal transmitted by the sensors, they give intense light and sound to inform the property owner. Many advanced notification appliances in the market also send notifications to smartphones via mobile applications.

  • System Controller: The system controller is the unit where the functions of the alarm systems are controlled. Here, the settings of the system can be made, and if there is a camera connected to the system, its image can also be viewed. In fact, there is no general definition of these units. Today, even a smartphone can be used as a system controller.

Home Security Systems

Home security systems are electronic systems that are installed to provide security and control in single-family homes, apartments, residences, and farms. These security systems often include security cameras. They enable the household to watch the house and listen to the sounds in the environment when there is no one at home or when a babysitter looking after the kids. The use of these systems to control the condition of pets is also quite common. Besides these, the general purpose of the use is to take precautions against dangers such as theft, fire, or medical urgency. The audio and video files the system recorded can also be used as evidence. Another feature of home security systems is that they are modular. Users have the opportunity to modify the units they prefer according to their needs. Security systems used in homes usually include camera systems. The types of cameras used in security systems are as follows:

  • Dome

  • Bullet

  • Infrared

  • IP

  • Wi-Fi

  • PTZ

  • Box

The camera security system includes a digital recording device along with one of these camera types. The images processed by the camera are stored and transferred to a drive. There are also systems where this data is directly backed up on a cloud.

Costs of Home Security Systems

The first thing that comes to mind for people who are considering installing an alarm system in their home or workplace is the cost. Since alarm systems are not uniform and there are many manufacturers, their prices vary. The important thing here is to determine the needs of the buyer properly and to do market research. The most expensive product does not mean the best quality, and it will be an unnecessary expense to spend money on a product you do not need.

Although it is not possible to check the prices of all products currently on sale, the costs of home security systems are given in the table below in order to have an idea. Product selection can be made by looking at these price ranges.

As can be seen in the table, the price ranges of security systems are very wide. The reason for this is that these products are produced according to the needs of the people. The number and functions of the units in it vary accordingly. After all, the security needs of a large business center and a house will not be the same.

Security Systems for Mobile Homes

Mobile homes are a concept that people have been very interested in recent years. With the pandemic, many people provide transportation and accommodation by vehicles such as caravans and minivans, or by mobile homes that they connect to the back of their vehicle. Since these vehicles do not stop in a certain area and are constantly in motion, environmental conditions are constantly changing. This also affects the safety of the environment. In addition, direct theft or damage to mobile homes is also encountered. For this reason, mobile homes need security systems.

Security systems designed for mobile homes are systems suitable for different environments. They are designed to adapt to many conditions according to the dimensions, materials, and requirements. Many systems contain cameras and voice recorders. The cameras can be mounted in such a way that they can record both indoor and outdoor shooting and sound, and it is possible to integrate more than one camera into the system.

Many of the security systems specially designed for mobile homes also have night vision features. The use of models that do not have this feature will not be very functional. Especially in camping and sightseeing tours, situations such as theft, fire, and natural disasters are encountered at night. In the absence of a warning system, it is not possible for people who do not wake up to take precautions against danger. Another consequence is that the theft is noticed by the mobile homeowners when they wake up in the morning and there is no more action to be taken. For this reason, mobile home security systems are important against theft cases that are frequently encountered in campgrounds and facilitate the detection of criminals by providing evidence when reporting the theft to the police.

Security System for Exterior Doors

Security systems developed for exterior doors are technologies that replace bells. There are megaphones that transmit sound at the doors of many apartments. In this way, it is possible to understand who the bell ringer is. In the newly developed models, besides the transmission of the sound from the exterior door to the control device, there is also a live cam function. Although the control purpose is primary, with the developing technology, there is no longer a need for a key or the command to open the door when entering a building. Thanks to smart devices, it is possible to enter buildings with a verification method. Authentication of the person’s identity can be done by the following methods:

  • Entrance Card

  • Image Verification

  • Fingerprint

  • Password

Other than that, technically the purpose of the process is the same. Although smart devices are involved, the process is all about opening a door. For the safe and trouble-free operation of this process, the components in the system must communicate seamlessly with each other. For example, the components in card entry systems are as follows:

  1. Lock core

  2. Key

  3. External Card Reader

  4. Programming Remote

  5. Transformer

  6. Camera(s)

  7. Control Panel

  8. Circuit box

Viyana Güvenlik Sistemi

In Vienna, many different brands offer products for security systems. There are also a large number of companies providing services on the installation of security systems around Austria. At such a time of increasing security concerns, many people are searching for a security product and installation. Purchases are mostly made on e-commerce sites (Amazon, E-Bay) over the internet. Our advice to those who will buy a device or service for security around Vienna is to determine their needs well and do their research accordingly. Just because a product has a high price tag does not mean it is of good quality. Research should always be your priority because random shopping will produce random results. If you are shopping online, user reviews will come in handy. However, you can make a choice by paying attention to brand reliability. Manufacturers of the most purchased security systems in Vienna are:

  • Safe2home

  • Abus

  • Olympia

  • Lupus

  • Yale

Security Systems in Lower Austria

Lower Austria is one of the most developed regions of the country, both economically and demographically. Although it is not a region with a high crime level in general, security measures become necessary with the large number of people living here. People living here are lucky in a way because there are many alternatives in terms of product options in this region.

People can easily access products suitable for all places such as homes, workplaces, mobile homes, apartments, or caravans. Although it is possible to purchase products from mass sales stores, the most affordable prices can be found through online shopping. Orders can be placed by checking the cargo options of e-commerce companies for Lower Austria. You can also use your right to return on many e-commerce sites if you are not satisfied with the product. As another suggestion, it is important to work with experts and reasonable prices for installation. If you are going to do the installation yourself, be sure to read the user manuals and do not neglect the safety precautions.