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What is a Cash Register?

Cash registers are payment recording devices. In other words; These are the devices that enable the receipt and recording of the payment. Its main function is to send the records of the payment to the relevant database when the payment is made by credit or debit card. In this way, the records related to the payment can be backed up and stored. Apart from this, it is also possible to integrate the unit prices of the products into these devices, so that the prices of the products can be calculated quickly.

One of the biggest advantages of cash registers arises in the taxation process. Thanks to the registered data, the control of the business is ensured, thus preventing the informal economy and preventing crimes such as tax evasion. Any electronic device can be used to keep these records, but legal regulations impose obligations on some areas, while exceptions are provided for others. For more information about these, you can review the section at the end of the text.


Cash registers are divided into open cash registers and closed cash registers. Open systems are software installed on a computer. However, software alone is not enough and a hardware of the device must be connected to the computer. An open system needs the following units along with the software:

  • Barcode Scanner

  • Customer Screen (Price Screen)

  • Cash Drawer

  • Receipt Printer

  • POS Terminal

  • Keyboard

All of these devices together form the open cash register system. Since the hardware in open systems is modular, they are independent of each other. This means that each piece of hardware can be purchased or replaced separately. This will make you less dependent on cash register manufacturers. However, it also has problems such as hardware compatibility problems. Open cash registers cause such problems and businesses have to buy new equipment.

Another type is closed cash register systems. In closed cash register systems, hardware and software are from a single manufacturer. The hardware and software developed by the manufacturer are purchased as a package. All units in the system work in integration with a single device. These systems usually run smoothly, as the hardware and software come from a single manufacturer. The disadvantage is that you need the manufacturer’s service when the device fails. Since the replacement of the broken part can only be carried out by the authorized service, it becomes inevitable to get service from the manufacturer.

Buying a Cash Register and Its Cost

Cash registers are very easy to purchase. Cash registers can be purchased from a store or ordered from the internet (Amazon, E-Bay, etc.). The point to be considered here is to determine what kind of cash register is needed. The reason for this is that the price range of cash registers is very wide. There is a cash register for every budget. What the business needs should be determined and a decision should be made according to the budget. Below are the features of cash registers at different prices as an example. While simple models can be bought at affordable prices, the prices of models with technological features such as touch screens and fast processors are high.

Some of the models in the list do not include all devices. For this reason, no matter which system you buy, be sure to examine which devices are available in it beforehand. Some people cannot achieve their goals because they make a purchase by not examining the product. For example, a person who wants to open a store, orders a cash register without doing much research on the internet, but cannot start selling due to missing devices.

Buying and Using Cash Registers in Austria

There are many brands and models for cash registers in Austria, especially in the Lower Austrian region. The most preferred brand is Olympia, and this is because the brand offers different model options in many price ranges. With the development of logistics networks, it has become easier for people to find cash register models. This also applies to those who want to buy a cash register in Vienna. Models that cannot be found in stores can also be easily purchased online. Almost all of the e-commerce sites are shipping to the Lower Austria and Vienna regions. Moreover, many companies actively serve for the installation and service support of these devices. If you are planning to buy cash registers in these regions, first determine your needs and get information from the websites or stores where you will buy. Work with the best companies that inform you about installation and usage, because you will still be in contact with these companies in case of problems that you may experience after purchasing the cash register.

Use of Cash Registers in Small Businesses

There is an opinion that it is not necessary for small businesses to use cash registers, but all businesses operating in business must use cash registers. Cash registers have been made compulsory in Austria since 1 May 2016. Even cash transactions must be recorded using an electronic cash register and individual records must be kept. The Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance has defined cash register identification as an electronic system used to set passwords and document individual cash receipts. According to the law, it is obligatory to use a cash register system if the annual net turnover per company is 15,000€ or more, or if the cash turnover per company (this includes transactions made with debit and credit cards) exceeds 7,500€ per year. Businesses outside this limitation are not obliged to use cash registers. Exceptions for some business areas have also been introduced in the relevant law articles. These can be listed as follows, provided that the individual annual net turnover does not exceed € 30,000;

  1. mobile sales,

  2. some commercial activities of companies with tax privileges,

  3. turnovers of the mountain and ski huts,

  4. canteen sales of non-profit associations (their activities must be less than fifty-two days in the calendar year),

  5. wine taverns that do not serve more than 14 days in a calendar year, vending machines that allow sales up to a maximum of 20 €,

  6. ticket vending machines and online stores.

For those looking for information about cash registers in Lower Austria and cash registers in Vienna, the explanations also apply to these. More detailed information on the subject is available on the official website of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO).